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Career Development Program

Career Explortation

Individual Supported Employment

Through the Career Development Program of Cody's Corner we aide in providing our members a means to enter the workforce in an integrated setting. This is accomplished by providing the tools necessary for developing proper workplace behavior, personal hygiene and grooming principles, interview etiquette, to develop on-the-job skill sets, and to obtain and maintain successful employment.

Our Career Specialists assist members with developing and cultivating an area of employment which draws a special interest to the member. From here, we guide the member in preparing for a job search, including creating a resume, preparing for interviews, and accompanying the member on interviews. 

We support members to develop positive work-related habits, attitudes, and work etiquette directly related to each member's specific employment; and to assisting the member in becoming a part of the informal culture of the workplace. We provide ongoing monitoring of the performance and general job-related skills of the member to identify both strengths and barriers to maintain and advance employment.

Employment Support Aide

We're in this together! We provide assistance to our members to meet essential personal and physical needs. This service includes social, physical, emotional fitness, and the ability to communicate with the member as necessary in the course of the member's scheduled shift.

Personal Care Services

This service provides assistance to meet the personal care needs of a member who would otherwise be excluded from employment. This consists of assisting with lavatory use, mealtimes and breaks, self-medication or medication reminders, and/or assisting with ambulation.

Community Outreach Program

The success of our Career Development program is centered with local businesses who are willing and capable of hiring members with developmental disabilities. We search and seek out employment opportunities with local employers and provide education to potential employers regarding the benefits of hiring individuals with developmental disabilities.

Behavioral Health Services

Specialized support services for members with a co-occurring behavioral health diagnosis who would otherwise be excluded from employment. This service includes shadowing the member in order to assist in maintaining positive behaviors appropriate to the workplace, as well assisting in resolving behaviors inappropriate for the workplace.

Job Coaching

We work hard to ensure that our members have the opportunity to participate in gainful, productive, and regular work. We orientate the member to health and safety requirements of their particular job. Members are assisted in resolving training/work issues as well as any personal concerns that may interfere with their job performance while being respectful of the member’s needs and wishes regarding contact while working.

Ongoing On-The-Job Support

We maintain ongoing communication with a member’s employer to assess the employer’s satisfaction with job performance, along wit providing on-the job and follow-along support for our members.

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