"Second Home"

Day Treatment

Monthly Calendar of Events

We go to great lengths to create a warm loving environment for our members to serve in a respectful and dignified way which does not restrict our members' individuals rights and freedoms. Our sense of family helps to create this "second home" to our members. Make sure to ask Stephanie about our "Rise & Shine" activity!


We offer daily transportation services to and from our facility. We will pick your member up in the morning and return in the afternoon. As well, we provide transportation to and from our many weekly outing activities. Our members get a kick out of riding in our transport vans with the hot rod flames!


A best friend is one who brings out the best in others. At Cody's Corner we assist members in developing methods of starting and maintaining friendships of their choice. As well, we teach appropriate assertiveness, social skills, and problem solving abilities for use in their daily lives and interactions. We work to assist members in providing opportunities to participate in community activities and facilitate member utilization of community resources.

In our facility, we provide general supervision and specialized treatment for each member while working on individual daily goals to promote their self dependency. We assist members to increase or maintain the member's socialization and adaptive skills necessary to live and participate in the community. This assistance provides opportunities for the member to interact with friends and others in the community and accessing community resources. This specialized treatment provides opportunities for members to develop skills which lead to meaningful days and valued community roles while promoting the member's vision of the future and priorities.

Encouraging Independance

We provide an array of basic life skill opportunities for training members with various developmental disabilities such as; shopping, banking, money management, access and use of community resources, and community survival skills. As well, we work with members to enhance self-independence functioning skills in: sensory-motor areas, personal grooming, hygiene, dressing, eating, toileting, self-medication and first aid, recognizing symptoms of illness, and preventing accidents and illnesses. A proper foundation is the key to successful education. 

Our monthly calendar is filled with weekly activities for our members. We give members a choice to what they want to do and develop activities based on their input, developmental level, goals, and enrichment of life experiences.

Day Training

Our staff members provide assistance and training related to the member's personal and physical needs related to routine daily living skills. We train members by implementing all therapeutic recommendations and assist members in following special diets, exercise routines, and other therapeutic programs such as; mobility training, alternative training, and adaptive communication training. We coordinate with the member's behavioral team by implementing strategies which address behavioral concerns and develop behavior intervention programs to ensure proper review of medication treatment plans.

We Play Well With Others

We work with our members and a member's other involved entities/support team in order to coordinate the needs of the member served.