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Vendor Supported for Child & Adult

Service Goals

Home Coordinator

The Home Coordinators of Cody's Corner assist individuals/families who desire to foster a child or adult with a developmental disability.  

Licensing and Training

We provide for the recruitment of developmental home providers; home studies; training, monitoring, support, and oversight of developmental home providers. As well, we provide recommendation for licensing/re-licensing, and/or certification of child and adult developmental homes providers. 

We're here to help you and our member with an array of supported services which promote the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of the member. Our developmental home providers work with their members by assisting to increase and maintain the member's socialization and adaptive skills to reside and participate successfully in their community. Additionally, developmental home providers shall provide opportunities for the member to interact socially with all family members, their family, friends, and the community; allowing the member to make their own socialization choices.

Ongoing Support

Our experienced and professional Home Coordinators are properly trained and certified to perform the duties of licensing, re-licensing, monitoring, and administering of developmental homes. These experts will work with an individual or family to understand the "Preparation Guide for Life Safety Inspections" for both child and adult members. As well, we will work with you on a monthly basis to complete the Monitoring Report, Accounting of Expenditures, Census Report, Healthcare Results, and Personal Belongings Log. We ensure that you as the developmental home provider and are in compliance and the member is maintaining a quality of life that promotes the member's vision for the future.

At Cody's Corner we provide ongoing support for our developmental home providers by ensuring compliance standards are met. 

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